Rent-A-Center is a respected company, so I can be proud to be associated with this great company. I respect everyone with whom I've worked, up to and including everyone with whom I've interacted in Plano.

I'm a people person, so getting to engage with the public every day is like a dream job for me. Working at RACA, I get to impact people personally, sometimes being the turning point in their lives. We literally change the quality of people's lives, sometimes being the instrument through which they have new furniture or appliances for the very first time in their lives. How can this ever be just a job, when we have the ability to change how a person perceives themselves?

Andre Silver
I love working at Rent-A-Center because every day is a new opportunity to help enrich the lives of our customers and coworkers. There is always a new obstacle to overcome but with the help of my coworkers I feel that I can overcome any of them. We have an outstanding support system starting from our store manager and extending to our regional manager.

We have a phenomenal training program and ample resources at our disposal. I look forward to helping our company to grow into the global leader in the rent-to-own industry for the many successful years to come.

Rubi Perez
I've always enjoyed helping people. I used to work for a car dealership where we could help people with credit obstacles get affordable transportation. I came to work for Rent-A-Center for the same reason, to help people get decent quality merchandise for affordable prices. I get hugs from new customers at least 2-3 times per month because I was able to help them get merchandise when they had been turned down elsewhere.

Rent-A-Center also has great advancement opportunities. I started as a Lead Assistant Manager and in seven months, the company promoted me to Store Manager and helped my family and I move to our new location. Rent-A-Center is truly an outstanding company to start with and build a successful career.

Christopher Marin
I love working for Rent-A-Center because we can truly help people get the items they want, need, and deserve. We were fortunate enough to get a range delivered Christmas Eve to a family so they could cook their meal and holiday cookies when their range quit working the night before. The relief and happiness they shared meant so much. I always wanted a job helping people and Rent-A-Center gives me that option every day I work. To see the happiness I help create by getting a customer something new is worth the hard work, time, and dedication I commit to this position daily.

Ariel Clausen
There are a lot of reasons to like RAC. What I like most of all is the servant's heart and commitment to not only improving RAC employee's lives but our patrons. We make it affordable in a hard-pressed economy to give simple luxuries to families who may not have normally been able to afford a bunk bed, or a living room. Simple things like that gives people a since of freedom and accomplishment that money can't buy. Great pricing with name brands is a sure win-win for us and the patron.

One of the benefits of being an employee, even more so than the great benefits and very competitive pay, is the Sundays off. All RAC employees can enjoy and reap the benefits of such a great company.

Loving this job is easy and coming to work with a smile is easier every day. Remain focused and positive and let's drive this company so generations to come can have a rewarding place to work and pass on the love which this company gives to all of us.

Richard Johnson
I love working at RAC mostly because of the team/family environment. I have spent nearly eight years of my life here, and have built some lifetime relationships with co-workers and customers. Co-workers may have moved on over time to other parts of the company or other companies, yet all remain in contact and are always there for a phone call or lend a hand if needed.

I see customers in our small town that I have built working relationships with who come up to talk to me and see how things are going. This reminds me that we are not just any business, we are actually providing a helping hand to people and making their lives better, and they are proud to know us and thankful for the part we play in their lives. Many places harp on a Team environment and never really take the steps to make such a thing so. RAC does not have to try to create such an environment; it comes naturally by the very nature of the job and the service we provide.

Mark Williams
All of my adult life I have searched for a job that I enjoyed. After working for a few different places that turned out to be dead ends, I started with Rent-A-Center. RAC has been my saving grace! Rent-A-Center is great because it feels like I am working with family every day. Having limited number of employees causes us to bind together and work better as a team Rent-A-Center is an amazing opportunity.

You can go as far as you want based on your performance, which is amazing! If you work hard you can get recognized. It gives you a sense of pride knowing that if you wake up, go to work, and put in 100%, you will make it to the top. RAC Rocks!

Jessica Allen
I love the opportunities that RAC provides for its employees to advance within the company. The training is just outstanding. I have been with the company for seven and a half years and a store manager for five and a half years in which I have worked my way up from an entry level position.

There are a vast number of positions within the organization where each employee is not limited to staying in that one particular job for his or her entire career. I love the fact that RAC recognizes hard work and dedication and rewards its employees when certain standards and goals are achieved. I love RAC because RAC puts me first and gave me a chance to succeed when my options were scarce, few and far between.

I love RAC because RAC loves me!

Lauretta Shaw
I love being a part of our Rent-A-Center because I love to be able to make it easier for people to have nice things in their home and own them quickly without the hassle of credit checks or big down payments. I love meeting new people and interacting with people from different walks of life. I have learned a lot of new things about myself while doing a job that I love! They say that it is not a job if you love what you do.

I am glad to be at a job that I can advance and where there are opportunities to grow and excel in everything I do. I enjoy customer service and I treat all for my customers the way that I would want to be treated, with integrity and respect. That is how you keep customers happy and keep them returning, which in turn makes lifetime customers and friends.

I also love my coworkers they make it fun, as well as a learning experience, and I'm sure I make it a learning experience for them as well. This is why I love being a part of the Rent-A-Center team!

Holly Shea Hartsfield